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We are ilegra

We are more than a strategy, innovation and technology company. By blending these strengths with passionate people, ilegra transforms businesses that seek better results.

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In a world that divides, we prefer bringing together

With over 20 years in the market, we prioritize psychological safety and believe in the continuous growth of those with us.

We take care of our community to inspire them to transform the world,

and this is how we enable people to reach the fullness of their potential, think beyond and contribute to projects.

For these, and many other reasons, we make better by bringing together. And this takes us further.

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Our values



We offer a space that gives people the opportunity to find and develop their best selves. This is the basis for having happier people, working in a light way and doing everything to prevent the atmosphere from becoming heavy.



We value a space that allows us not only to challenge the status quo, but also to dream about collective and individual aspirations, in the projects and in the lives of each person who works here. We offer freedom to think beyond, combating accommodation.



We only move forward when we walk together, creating a collective commitment for the benefit of society and the environment. This is collaboration. Here, we nurture our ecosystem with care and affection.



The foundation of any positive environment is transparency. Regardless of the position and performance, honesty is a value that infects and transforms relationships, people and the market in a unique and lasting way.

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End-to-end solutions

From consulting to full-fledged projects. Our portfolio is centered around nearshore data solutions, cloud services, business strategy, innovation and software.

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